Privacy policy

  1. Introduction

Charge365 values the privacy of its customers, suppliers, partners and their employees. This document provides information on when, why and how we process personal data about our End Users. It also informs you of your rights as an End User in this regard.

2. Data controller

Charge365 is responsible for processing personal data and determines what the purpose of processing the data is. However, Charge365 may delegate tasks to subordinates and where necessary place the day-to-day responsibility for processing personal data with them to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Norwegian Personal Data Act and the provisions of this policy.

3. Collection and use of personal data

Charge365 processes personal data based on either contract fulfilment or legitimate interest. The personal data we collect is used solely for the purposes described in this privacy policy. Charge365 is obliged to make sure that any personal data processed is not used later for purposes that are incompatible with the original purpose of the data collected unless the customer consents to this.

The personal data we collect and use must be correct, up to date, sufficient and relevant for the purpose of the processing.

     3.1 Registration and use of Charge365

The following data is registered and stored:

·      Name of the account holder

·      Address

·      Email address

·      Telephone number

·      Trading history

·      Transaction history

·      Pre-approved charging points

·      Charging history with consumption and location

Card data is encrypted and not available to the Owner of the charging system or the Owner of the payment service.

     3.2 Purchase

When you purchase a product or service from Charge365, we register the following information:

·      Name

·      Billing address

·      Payment information

·      Telephone number

·      Email address

·      Purchase history

·      Product type and serial number

When you purchase a product or service from Charge365, we process your personal data to enable us to process the order, finalise and complete the transaction and send invoices. We store the purchase history in order to confirm your warranty rights.

     3.3 Support inquiries

When you contact our support team, we may store personal data such as your

·      Name

·      Telephone number

·      Address

·      Email address

·      Place

·      Diagnostic data and meter readings

Charge365 may use personal data to adapt its customer support and improve its customer service with full usage data, error messages etc.


When you visit the website, we collect information about

·      The pages you visit

·      How to use the pages

We use cookies to collect this data. Cookies are a standard technology that most websites use today. A cookie is a small text file that is retained by your browser. It allows us to see what users look at, how they navigate the website’s pages, and how the content on the pages works. We also collect information about navigation, the time of visit and browser version and so forth in order to adapt the content of the pages to the user’s preferences to the greatest possible extent. You can read more about cookies and the cookies we use at

We collect and process information about what you view to improve the performance and visibility of the website’s pages.

     3.5 Customer contact

When you contact Charge365 by email or chat, we may collect the following personal data:

·      Name

·      Email address

Personal data from customer contacts and inquiries is used for commercial communication and to follow up on complaints. Charge365 may use the email address of an existing customer to inform about Charge365’s products and services.

4. Sharing of personal data

Your user account and data associated with you will never be shared with unauthorised persons. Usage data (charging sessions) may be shared with authorised third parties if this is provided for in Norwegian law. We may use subcontractors who assist us with the processing of personal data about our customers. Typically, these will be suppliers of storage services, payment services and communication solutions that form parts of our customer and supplier systems. Some of our subcontractors may run their operations abroad, and we may also transfer personal data about our customers to places where subcontractors are located or where they have located their storage services, including countries within the EU/EEA.

      4.1 Payment transfers

Payment services for charging station intermediaries at Charge365 are processed by the solution provided by Stripe, and are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service (collectively “Stripe Services Agreement”).

By accepting the Terms, or by continuing to operate as an Owner on Charge365, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement, as amended by Stripe from time to time.

The enablement by Charge365 of payment services through Stripe is contingent on your agreeing to provide Charge365 with accurate and complete information about you and your business, and your authorising Charge365 to share it and transaction data related to your use of payment services provided by Stripe.

Full content of the Stripe Services Agreement is available at

5. Storage of personal data

Personal data about our customers may only be kept for as long as necessary, based on the purpose of the processing, and must then be deleted. We may retain customer data for as long as necessary based on the purpose of the processing. This retention is justified by the current requirements for the retention of accounting documentation, but is also necessary to safeguard the Customer’s interests in connection with possible claims and other consequences associated with the customer relationship, as well as the need to have access to the history of contacts and deliveries upon request from the Customer. Personal data collected in connection with the use of our services is mainly stored anonymised and digitally with data security in local IT. Paper-based personal data that is not anonymised is stored in lockable cabinets to which access is only granted to people who need the data for the performance of their work. The filing cabinets are located in archives in offices that are kept locked outside normal working hours. As a customer, you may ask us to delete data relating to you at any time, unless it is required by law to keep the data for a certain period of time (e.g. legal requirements, accounting law, etc.). Our storage and deletion procedures were drawn up internally and can be provided on request.

6. Your rights

You have the right to know what personal data Charge365 has about you and to have access to it. You have the right to have incomplete, incorrect, unnecessary or outdated personal data updated. You have the right to request that your personal data be deleted and to receive a copy of such data in a machine-readable format. You have the right to object to or restrict data processing in certain circumstances, such as when you believe that the data contains errors or its processing is illegal.

Contact us if you have questions or wish to exercise your rights as a registered user (email address:

7. Complaints

You have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority if you believe we have breached privacy legislation, but we urge you to contact us before submitting such a complaint.

8. Changes to this privacy policy

We have to update this privacy policy periodically to provide you with correct information about how we process personal data. If there are significant changes, we will inform you separately about this. By continuing to use Charge365’s products and services, you accept the new privacy policy.

Updated 16/04/2020

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